Ms. Huijun WU
My research interest is to predict the warming effects on marine bacterioplankton, both in short term and long term, which is achieved by field investigation of adapted communities in natural seawater. From the physiological perspective, I use Metabolic Theory of Ecology to parameterize the temperature dependence of bacterial growth, trying to identify environmental factors that synergize or offset the warming effect. The underlying mechanism of bacterial community shifts was explored using molecular approaches, with emphasis on the heterogeneous responses of different bacterial taxonomic groups.
Mr. Cheng QIAN (Luke)
My current research is focusing on the effects of ocean warming and hypoxia on the size structure of marine plankton, through conducting experiments in the laboratory and sampling in the field. My objective is to understand and predict the consequences of these mounting and critical environmental threats on marine ecosystems.
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Research Interests:

Statistical Network inference of complex microbial interactions and the elucidation of environmental factors in determining the topological properties.

Statistical inference of biological relationships of non-cultivable marine microbes and their abiotic environment.

Cross-domain metacommunity interaction identification and experimental validation.