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Manuscripts accepted!

Congratulations to Erfan! Manuscript accepted by Microbiology Spectrum (IF 9.043)


Seagrass Sampling

On December 29th, five lab members (Xiaodong, Jiawei, Scott, Xiao, and Dr. Anirban) went to Lantau Island for Seagrass sampling. Measurements of chemical environmental indicators of collected seawater and sediments are in progress, along with molecular biological analysis of biological samples. Through these samples, we plan to conduct a study on the biogeochemical nutrient cycle and biocommunity involved in seagrass. We would like to thank all our lab colleagues who helped us and the professor who supported us.

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Zhimeng and Yanhong successfully passed the PhD Thesis Defense Seminar

Zhimeng passed his PhD Thesis Defense on 7 April, and Yanhong passed the Defense on 13 April. Pls call us Dr. Xu and Dr. Lu~

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Research Cruise in the Eastern India Ocean

Three lab members (Yingdong, Scott and Huijun) are on their way to participate in a research cruise on board R/V Roger Revelle in the eastern India Ocean off the west coast of Australia. The project, code-named BLOOFINZ (Bluefin Larvae in Oligotrophic Ocean Foodwebs: Investigations of Nutrients to Zooplankton), is funded by the US National Science Foundation and is a part of the 2nd International Indian Ocean Expedition. Led by Chief Scientist Michael Landry (SIO, UCSD), this multinational project involves researchers from six US universities and invited investigators from the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

Because of the COVID-19, the cruise has been postponed several times and the boarding port is changed from Darwin, Australia, to Guam, USA. During this research cruise, Yingdong and Scott will mainly focus on sample collection for metagenome, metatranscriptome, polyP, nifH amplicon, and molecular identity of dissolved carbon sources. Huijun will help with the dilution experiment and collect samples for clade-specific plankton growth and grazing.

The journey is expected to end around March 10, 2022, and we will provide updates as the cruise proceeds. Have a safe and fruitful cruise.

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The 2nd International Conference of BECoME

The 2nd International Conference of Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems (BECoME) was held in City University of Hong Kong during 3-7 January 2021. Five of our lab members attended the meeting and gave presentations.

Professor Liu gave an invited talk with the title of "Effects of Warming on Marine Plankton".

Yingdong Li ("An Overlooked Evolutionary Transitions of Thaumarchaeota from Terrestrial Habitats to Methane Seep in Deep Sea and Partially Methane Seep Derived Shallow Water Group"), Zhimeng Xu ("High dispersal and heterogeneous selection make cold seep as hotspots for microeukaryotic diversity") and Jiawei Chen ("A genomic perspective of the niche partitioning across sediment depth among ANME in global methane seeps") made oral representations.

Xiaodong Zhang presented a poster ("Highly diverse Synechococcus pigment types in the eastern Indian Ocean").

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Manuscripts accepted!

At the end of 2021, we have many manuscripts accepted. Congratulate to our lab mates!

Yingdong LI: Environmental Science: Nano (IF 8.131)

Jiawei CHEN and Yingdong LI: New Phytologist (IF 10.151)

Zhimeng XU: Msystem (IF 6.496)

Lixia DENG: Limnology and Oceanography (IF 4.745)

Mengwen PANG: Journal of Phycology (IF 2.923)